Thanks for being here!.
I'm a creative soul, I love to spend time with my husband, Austin, and our twins while we carve out our little space in the world. 
I recently found out I won KCBD's 
Best of the West Award for the Photographer Category! Such an honor, for this West Texas gal! 

I'm Alicia

Hello friend!

Capturing the humanity in the moment.

Love, Alicia

I'm a dreamer - who likes to have my feet placed firmly on the ground. 

I grew up dreaming in still frames. I browsed JC Penny Catalogs. I could not get my hands on enough magazines. Hello - Tiger Beat anyone?! (Yeah, Xennial/Elder Millennial, here!) I lived for photos. The minute I could get my hands on a camera  - I documented my life. I always had a disposable camera in my purse, ready to go. My goal was to capture the feeling I had in that very moment, so I could look back later and relive it a million times over. 

I never knew I could live a life that centered around photos. The arts were discouraged during my high school years, so my passion for photos just simmered quietly in the background. At 24 I married my best friend, and just a few years later while just barely squeaking by - my husband won the big prize in his fantasy football league and took the winnings and bought me my first Canon Camera. He stoked those embers in my heart, and helped me to reach out and ignite that fire into a full on passion.

Through countless all-nighters, a belly full of grit and determination - I worked hard to get better at my craft and to grow my business. Toss in a few years of infertility struggles that eventually lead to a twin pregnancy. It was a roller coaster. Let's be real, it was a fight, but one that I was happy to be in. 

Photography isn't just my job, or my career path - it is literally part of the fabric of my heart and soul. I look forward to sharing a piece of my heart with you.           


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